Water security is an essential survival requirement for anyone. Don’t believe me? Try to survive without water! You don’t need to be in preparedness to recognize the importance of water. To be more specific, you need clean, FRESH water to survive. Unfortunately, humans have not evolved to survive off of ocean water. We don’t necessarily have an abundance of clean, fresh water for everyone. When there is chaos at a grocery store during a local or national emergency bottled water flies off the shelf. You don’t want to be in that crowd!

The most common way to address water security is to store a large amount of potable water. Unfortunately, we cannot simply ignore that water takes up space and is very heavy! You should be familiar with the process of harvesting water in addition to storing water. Water filters and sanitation are essential topics for preparedness since you cannot simply store enough water to survive long-term. You must combine multiple solutions to ensure that you have access to clean drinking water.

A bug out bag must include some way to deal with water security. Clearly, you cannot store a lot of water in a bag without it becoming too heavy to carry. Simply include some small water filtration products and water cleaning products in your bag. If you want to really make a big impact, then you should have duplicates of the same products at home. You should have at least 2 weeks of clean water per person in your home. This means you need 14 gallons of water for two people. Just to make it clear, you need 1 gallon of water per person per day in a survival scenario. However, you should try to store more water just in case.

Water Security Demands Variety

If you want to make the most of your water security plan, then you really need to have many items available to help maintain access to clean water. However, it is difficult to know what you need. Keep an eye out for our blogs on various products available to support the pursuit of water security! While you’re at it, you might want to go buy a few cases of water to hold you over while you review your options if you don’t have any water stored at home yet. You don’t want to be fighting for water in the midst of chaos…

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