Taser flashlight for self defense. Do you use a flashlight often? Chances are, if you do use a flashlight frequently to walk, then you may experience a slight sense of panic when you see something you are not expecting. Usually, it may be the shimmering eyes of a cat, but it could be the eyes of a raccoon! You may feel your hair stick up on your neck… This fear is a natural response when you see something you are not expecting in the dark. Especially if it is alive and potentially could attack you. Imagine having a taser flashlight to help fend off the attacker!

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Unfortunately, we also have to worry about humans attacking us in the dark. This is especially true of women, which we would love to see end forever! While it is true that men don’t really have to worry about these things, men shouldn’t get complacent when it comes to dangers in the dark. Bad guys have their own motives for attacking others in the dark. They can attack you whether you are a man or woman.

Taser Flashlights are Two Defense Items in One!

If you are startled in the dark, your first instinct will be to turn toward the direction of the noise and shine your light at it. Some people run, but people will often determine what they are running from before they bolt. Shining a bright flashlight at a bad guy can disorient and temporarily blind them. This, combined with a taser, can deter the attack all together putting you into a position of strength! This is why you should own a taser flashlight if you use flashlights often to navigate.

Keep in mind, the sound of a taser is very striking. You can deter someone by simply letting your taser do the talking. If you want to up your stance, then I would keep pepper spray/gel in one hand and hold the flashlight in another hand. Pepper spray is great, especially if the bad guy lunges despite the light. A combined self-defense effort will allow you to quickly disable bad guys by inflicting non-lethal force, keeping yourself from having to shoot someone.

Taser Flashlight for Legal Defense

Taser Flashlight

Guns are a popular choice for self-defense. Keep in mind that you will have a lot of legal problems if you do shoot someone. A close call with a bad guy is already traumatic for many victims, but shooting someone will carry a bigger burden mentally in the end. Guns may not be practical because of local regulations and laws surrounding where guns are permitted. Non-lethal self-defense solutions are allowed in more places and keep you out of trouble in the long run.

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