Fishing gear is a lot like fishing knots. They are highly debated as to what’s the best gear for the job. You can spend a lot of money on fishing gear, but if you only fish a few times a year, is it really necessary to spend a lot? I don’t fish enough to justify buying a boat. Of course, a boat would be really nice to have. But I do fish enough that I have Waders, 2 fly poles, 10 or more fishing poles a lot of flies, lures, pole holders, and misc. tackle, nets, vests, tackle boxes. Cold water and warm water fishing gear. I don’t live near any saltwater so I can save money there.

The biggest challenge is figuring out what works in the waters you fish or the species you are fishing for. When I find the gear that works for me, I am happy to share it with you. There is also the consideration of technique. Sometimes it’s not the bait, lure, or fly, sometimes it’s the presentation. You need to get a feel for when to set the hook, how to bait a hook, and so on.

Most of my reviews will be video reviews. These Will be about what has worked or hasn’t for me mainly targeting the trout species. If you are just learning how to fish check out my learning to fish and fishing knot page. Also, a lot of my Fishing videos are about fishing tips and techniques. Browse those titles on my fishing videos page.