Shelter is Essential

Shelter is a big prep item. Most of us already have a place to live. So bugging in is not a problem. But what about bugging out? There are some situations in which we must evacuate our homes. In planning for this event, we look to family in other places far away from any chaos that drove us away from our homes.

Unfortunately, staying with family or friends is not always an option. There are different levels of bug-out locations. For example, if I were rich, I could buy a ranch with many acres of resources. A beautiful house with all the amenities, with an underground bunker. Stocked with everything my family and I could ever need. However, for the majority of us, that’s not an option either.

If you can afford it, buy some land with at least some features. Water, trees, rock cropping, something that has natural protection against the weather. If you don’t have a water source, research the depth of the water table. At some point, a well may be necessary. With this land, you could at least camp. The building codes will vary wildly from state to state and county to county. So do your homework prior to investing in land.

Tiny Homes for Shelter 

tiny home


With the recent explosion in home prices, there is a growing need for affordable shelter. The tiny home movement has been growing for years and will continue. I think this is a great option for a bug-out plan. Shipping container homes are also a viable option and growing in popularity.

My personal preference has always been building a cabin in the woods. It has that caveman appeal of becoming one with nature. Unfortunately, this option is rare in the lower 48 as building codes and government overreach make this idea too expensive. In my opinion, the government wants to make you spend your money creating more value in the property. Solely for the purpose of charging taxes at a higher rate. 

There are some awesome floor plans and kits available for DIYers, as well as some prefab options. I was surprised to find tiny homes, Cabin kits, and shipping container homes on Amazon.

Note, I am an Amazon affiliate and I earn a small commission on qualified purchases. Thank you for your support.

There are small cabins, tiny homes, and shipping container home communities popping up all over the country. As this movement becomes more popular, investors are getting in on the action. Many are buying small shelters as an investment. Then rent it out on Air BNB. This has become a popular income opportunity and a great passive income source. Look up unique stays on the more filters tab at airbnb

Camping Gear

Most of us won’t have a second home as a bug-out location. Camping and survival skills might be a more practical plan if SHTF. 

If you have never been camping, you should go just for the experience. Maybe you have watched a survival show on TV and think it’s easy. For some people, it may be fun, and it can be. Having the right survival gear makes all the difference. Planning a successful camping trip also makes a huge difference. Having camping gear ready to deploy at a moment’s notice is peace of mind. Knowing how to use your survival gear is priceless.

I highly recommend planning a camping trip. Get some gear and have fun with it. Part of planning for a bug-out scenario is having confidence in your plan. 

Tents provide a temporary shelter that is mobile. This can be an advantage over a shelter on a foundation. A cabin in the woods could be in harm’s way because you can’t plan where CHAOS will strike. So having a mobile shelter can be a good thing.

Choosing the Right Tent Shelter

If you have ever watched a survival show, you know that insects, rain, wind, snow, and temperature can ruin a good night’s rest. Part of survival is making sure your body gets the rest it needs. Depending on the season and geographic location, the right tent may be different. However, the goal of getting proper rest is the same.

The family also plays a role in tent selection. There will be solo campers in a bug-out situation, but most of us will be with family. So, bigger or multiple tents may be necessary.  

Not a surprise, that Amazon has a huge selection of tents and accessories. Having a great tent is awesome! Having the right camping gear inside can make the difference. Sleeping bags, air mattresses, pillows, blankets, and indoor safe propane heaters are important items. They provide the comfort we need for a good night’s rest.

My preference would be a tent that I can stand up in. One with a screened porch/mud room for shoes. Accessories like Mr. heater buddy are great to have. It can heat up a tent quickly or provide safe indoor heat in a power outage.