A sleeping bag can save a life. It gets cold at night. This is not really a surprise. If you have been camping, then you know how cold it can really get trying to sleep inside a tent. If you have had to sleep in a car overnight, then you know that it can get really cold. I have slept in many conditions, and sleeping in -25 ℉ weather with no shelter is one of my most memorable experiences in my life. Even with a three layer sleeping bag, I was cold overnight, but I didn’t freeze! Unfortunately, this sleeping bag was NOT super portable. Let’s talk about that.

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Being fully prepared for emergencies takes a bit of gear. However, this gear takes up space. Here’s some important tips that I want to share about emergency preparedness gear: One, if you want to buy something that you won’t use unless it’s an emergency, then you should buy the smallest solution possible. Two, you need to focus on gear that focuses on the essential elements of survival. Three, you need to test your equipment BEFORE you need it so you know it works and how to use it. Finally, you need to replace gear that degrades over time. Your first aid kit has medicine that needs to be replaced occasionally, for example.

Sleeping Bag = Portable Shelter

Yes, you can consider a sleeping bag a portable shelter. A well-designed sleeping bag will keep you warm and dry at night. However, it isn’t a great shelter to protect you from heat or hungry critters outside. You should at least have some kind of sleeping bag in your car, house, and backpack for everyone in your household. You may be thinking to yourself, where am I going to put these sleeping bags!? Normal bags are about the size of a 5 gallon bucket when rolled up. Now, I agree with you that going to work with a sleeping bag or two may get you some funny looks. Remember that for emergency use gear you should get the smallest item possible. I want to let you know that you can get one smaller than a regular soda can!

It is really hard to believe that a sleeping bag can be so small! However, if you consider it is serving its job to keep you warm AND dry in an emergency, then it makes sense! It won’t be comfortable, but if you are trying to survive you will do what it takes to make it through the night!

I have good news! You can get one of these bags for FREE! Yes, I said free. Why not give one of these bags a shot? If you are trying to gather gear for emergency survival situations, then nothing beats free. This is especially true if you are on a budget. (Heck, aren’t we all on a budget?) Anyways, check out this sleeping bag below!

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