Chicken coop needed? Are you just getting started with chickens? Maybe you already have some chickens and know the importance of chicken coops. I don’t know about you, but when I shop for prefabricated chicken coops I’m usually not happy with the selection. In fact, I bought a prefabricated chicken coop and had to BUILD my own extension to satisfy the needs of my girls.

You know it helps a lot to have the plans already written out for you. This is especially true when you’re trying to save time on DIY projects. Chicken coop plans are a great way to save time and expand your options for customizing your solution for keeping chickens! Since you are here, you should check out the plans in the link below!

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Fresh Eggs from the perfect coop using chicken coop plans

Chickens love privacy and comfort in their chicken coop. Not convinced? Just listen to them, they tell you everything. They will make their presence known because they need something from you. If you own chickens now, you may know that they get REALLY grumpy when the nest box is taken. In fact, they get really grumpy if the coop is uncomfortable. When I built my new coop, I gave them comfort from the elements and light.

For those who are interested in getting started with chickens, I HIGHLY suggest you pursue your own chicken coop solution. Select your own plan or just get ideas to build the perfect hen den. A good chicken coop will protect your Food Security goals and keep that sly fox from hurting your girls! Take action to protect your food!

Chicken Coop Plans for Happy Chickens!

You are probably wondering about what it takes to keep your chickens happy… YOU make them happy! Go buy a prefabricated coop and it may make your girls happy. It is time to do something different for your chickens because you are responsible for keeping your chickens happy! Prefabricated chicken coops MIGHT be enough, but if you live in a cold climate or have special constraints you may need a custom solution.

If you are serious about the happiness of your chickens, then you should get some chicken coop plans. Sure, mealworms are make chickens happy, but you know you can’t just feed them mealworms all day… Check out some plans today and start building for your chickens because you know they will love you for it! Since happy chickens make fantastic eggs, you will want to keep those girls happy!

Make Your Chickens Happy!

Click Here to learn more about chicken coop plans!