Physical Security means Protection

Physical security in the cold can be a heat source, a coat, or gloves. In a flood, it can be a life jacket or just some common sense. Whatever the situation, protect yourself! If there is a warning from any source of potential harm. You should listen and act (if need be) to the situation. From natural disasters to human-caused disasters and just remembering to buckle up. Protect yourself!

Guns and ammo are on the list for physical security. But food, water, and shelter are the most important. It is more likely you will need these 3 things, before defending yourself with a gun. With that said, those are the items you will have that someone wants in a chaotic situation. If that day should ever come, remember we are better off as a community. So, if you can, help someone in need. I would like to think that if I needed something in a chaotic event, that I could catch a break.



But, if someone comes onto your property to take something, they will most likely try after dark. Motion detector lights are your first line of defense because most thieves avoid confrontation. The brighter the light, the more likely it will be to deter a would-be confrontation. I found an awesome little flashlight with 1000 lumens. It has a zoom feature, so you can focus the light on a concentrated area. 


Dogs are also a good deterrent as well. Even if you don’t have a dog, get a sign that says beware of the dog. I had a beware of dog sign for my 10-pound Italian greyhound. It worked on solicitors! Or even better, BEWARE OF OWNER!