Human caused disasters are my biggest fear and with good reason.

There is a good chance it will be human caused disasters that will bring chaos. Crazy to think that humans are more of a threat than mother nature, but we are. Ok, sure we can all go extinct from an asteroid, but we have Bruce Willis to protect us.

Throughout history Empires have rising and fallen. We have gone to war with ourselves, as well as other countries. Many have died fighting over ideology, religion, resources, power, money, greed, stupidly, just to name a few. It would be crazy to think that history won’t repeat itself. So we prepare, not knowing exactly what we are preparing for.


Why are humans so dangerous?

Humans have evolved over the years, as we all know. But in the last 200 years, we have gone from horse and buggy to solar-powered cars. From single-shot guns to fully automated weapons. I could go on, but you already know the many examples of improvements in technology. The thing that makes us so dangerous is our differences. We could all join together as a global society. We could use technology as a common good. But, because we are so different, that will never happen. As individuals, all we can do is prepare for the unknown. We have an educated guess as to what is the most likely Chaotic situation to happen. But, there are so many likely scenarios to choose from.

However, even if people could join together for the common good. We could still destroy ourselves accidentally, or indirectly. For example, in Japan in 2011, a tsunami hits as a result of an underwater earthquake. Now we have a Nuclear power plant disaster. Or Chenoble Ukraine back in the 80’s.