Water Freedom System is awesome. Water is the elixir of life. To be specific, FRESH clean water is the elixir of life for nearly all forms of life outside of the ocean. This includes you and your family. When I refer to fresh water, I am referring to water that is NOT salty. In general, freshwater has very little dissolved solids and is a byproduct of Earth’s natural water cycle. Did you know that you can’t survive without fresh water for 3 days on average? If you find yourself in a dry, hot climate and you are exerting yourself to survive, then you will not survive as long without water. This is a critical component of life that you must safeguard. You need water freedom to keep moving forward in life. This is one of the items to consider in a bug-out situation.

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Secure Your Water with Water Freedom System

There are many ways to secure access to water for many situations. The most popular way is to buy bottled water. This is a start, but if you drink bottled water regularly you are familiar with how quickly the water runs out. This is just drinking water. Imagine how many water bottles you would use for hygiene and cooking! If you want water freedom, then you really need to take a close look at how you use water right now. Any ideas on how to reproduce your situation?

Unless your main water supply comes from a well underground, you are very dependent on water being delivered to you. This delivery system is most likely a city water service system that comes from a nearby reservoir, river, or underground aquifer. If you get your water delivered by a truck, then you are already familiar with the need to conserve water and how much it sucks when you run dry. Water freedom requires a bit of creativity because not everyone has ready access to a reservoir or river.

Water Freedom  Demands Creative Solutions


This is crazy, but have you ever thought about tapping a tree for water? This is quite the creative solution for obtaining a form of water freedom. I really want to emphasize that there are many ways to handle water. Obviously you can purchase many products centered around access to water. There are water stills, filters, storage containers, tablets, rain capture systems, and even canned survival water for lifeboats on ocean liners. Of these products, have you thought about other techniques that would allow you to creatively enable access to fresh water?

Water Freedom System

You should know that you can’t simply rely on one of these solutions. It is a good idea to have multiple sources of water. If you search far and wide on the internet for alternate water sources, then you will find many popular options, like rainwater capture and solar stills. How about tree taps and natural water condensing solutions? I don’t know about you, but before I wrote this article I had no idea about some of these solutions. If you’re interested, you should check it out below!

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