Having a garden and a greenhouse is peace of mind

Having a garden and a greenhouse is a good way to have fresh vegetables. Not having to rely on the grocery store for produce is better for you. Not only is it financially friendly, it is healthier as well. Mass production of crops you will find at the store were grown using pesticides and preservatives. So, knowing where your vegetables came from and knowing when you picked them. (hopefully right before you eat) is peace of mind and delicious. Having fresh produce available to you in times of CHAOS (priceless)


In some parts of the country to live off your own crops year round. Having a greenhouse can extend the growing season for a couple of months in colder climates. If you are able to heat your greenhouse in colder climates you may be able to raise crops year round. Greenhouses have some bonus features, for example, protection for critters. I have lost my cool on several occasions over this. Racoons, squirrels, rabbits, birds and insects have all gotten to a perfect veggie I had eyed for picking soon.


Weather is also a concern. A greenhouse can protect your crops from most weather events. But, mother nature can be nasty. However, it is better to have some protection than none.

Raised garden beds are another resource that I use in my yard. This is a good way to make it appear as though the garden is a part of the landscaping. In the picture, you can see green peppers that I planted in a raised garden bed. Below that is a lower-level garden bed with Squash and Zucchini. behind the green peppers is my greenhouse. It is framed with 2×4’s and I used 1/4 in thick acrylic on the roof and sliding glass windows.

garden and greenhouse