Prepping is a Lifestyle

Whether we realize it or not prepping is a lifestyle. When it comes to prepping, the first thing that comes to mind is having an abundance of food storage. When thinking of preppers, the first thing that comes to mind is paranoid people who are overreacting to a situation that may not happen.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our lives, environment, and community. From simple choices like a healthier diet to more complicated choices like a bug-out plan. We all have a common goal “to live long and prosper”. With that in mind, we at chaotic prepper consider all aspects of achieving the common goal.

Planning and Preparedness

Financial security is a result of a lifetime of choices. For some people, money comes easy, but for most of us having enough money is a challenge. We have a budget and live modest lifestyles. Unexpected expenses can blow the budget in a hurry. More often than not, unexpected expenses go on the credit card. But that comes with the added cost of high interest and increased monthly payments.

We look for ways to improve our financial position. Exploring ways to use our assets to create assets. Starting a business from home. Saving money by doing tasks that might seem daunting at first. DIY projects for example.

Preparing for disasters may seem like an unnecessary expense until something happens. Insurance will cover most damage or loss of property. But your life cannot be replaced. So protect yourself and your family by having a plan for disasters that can happen where you live.

Learn from the mistakes other people make, follow evacuation orders. Pay attention to weather alerts. Live within your means. Keep an open mind to opportunities. Improve your survival skills by learning how to use survival gear. Explore the different food security options.

A power outage should be a vacation from technology, not a life-threatening event. Heatwaves should just be a nuisance, not a catastrophe. Being prepared and having a plan make a huge difference in the way we handle a threat.

Prepping is a Lifestyle from Childhood till Retirement

Parents are so proud of their children. They have high hopes and ambitions for their child’s future. We save for education and teach them life skills. Teach them what is right and wrong. Supporting and encouraging good decisions and behavior. Healthy diets and exercise lead to a better overall life, both mentally and physically.

Education is prepping for a better future. each level of education is preparing for the next level. Until finally a career is born. But learning never stops unless you choose to stop learning. Have an open mind, don’t be complacent. In so many young adults I see myself. I used to see my own world and that was it. I didn’t see the bigger picture until later in life.

Life itself is a blessing! The fact that we even exist is amazing. We should all join together and celebrate life. Unfortunately, there is too much divide in the world for this to happen. But we can start with ourselves, our community, and maybe someday our society.

Prepping is a Lifestyle. Educating ourselves on life skills such as growing crops, nutrition, proper food handling, and storage could save our lives one day. The supply chain is a complex system that is vulnerable to disruption. Water supplies are managed by the government. Learning water filtration and sanitation skills are important. Because like the food supply chain, it can be disrupted.

Prepping for Power Outages

If you are on the grid, preparing for a power outage should be routine. Unlike the food chain, the grid is outdated and in need of a major overhaul. The problem is the cost. Governments keep kicking the can down the road like the issue of social security. But someday the problem will become a crisis.

Having a backup power source like solar is a good idea. The government encourages people to go solar and offers incentives for us to do so. The reason is, they know that less pressure on the grid will allow them to kick the can down the road some more.

Batteries are expensive and will only get you so far. Generators are nice to have in an emergency but require gasoline and are noisy. Candles for lighting are cool. I like the simplicity of a candle or a fireplace. Before electricity was a thing man lived that way for centuries. We could all take a page out of the history books and learn to live simply.

The problem with that is, that we as a society have no experience living that way. As a prepper, we should try it just for the experience. Remember the “Y2K” scare? If someone had written a futuristic book back in the 1700s about “Y2K” it would have been in the comedy or fictional section.

Having the Right Mindset

In an emergency situation having the right mindset will calm others who are in a panic. Because you are prepared, there is no reason for panic. Chaos is not a part of your plan. This mindset carries over to everyday life as well. It helps you see what others overlook. Life for what it is, and life for what it should be.

We all have a common goal “to live long and prosper” Let’s join together, and prepare for all aspects of life. Educate ourselves as well as others. Be kind to each other. Life is precious and worth protecting.