A Mylar blanket can save a life. If you have been camping or stuck in a snowstorm outside, you probably know how uncomfortable extreme temperatures are. Unfortunately, we may have friends who forget their sleeping bags. Cuddling up to some hot rocks from the campfire to stay warm at night only works for so long. I should have given them a mylar blanket!

Luckily, there are options that exist to handle extreme temperatures! You may have heard of mylar in the past, but did you know that they make mylar blankets? They are so small you can easily stuff 10 blankets into your backpack! Most importantly, these blankets can be put into your first aid kit, in your car, and in your winter coat! There are many instances where people become victims of a car accident. They usually cannot stay in the car for shelter while help arrives!  

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As you would expect, many people who get into car accidents do so because of the weather. You may survive the crash, but your chances of surviving the weather go down if you don’t have a way to stay warm or cool. This is especially true if you have injuries that you need to keep covered from the elements. This is simply another example of why you should have a safety bag in your car and a few mylar blankets on hand.

I love my Mylar Blanket!

Here’s a quick story: I went camping one summer to see the eclipse, and I didn’t bring a lot of blankets. I brought some sleeping bags with me, but they were rather thin. The weather was supposed to be hot, so I prepared for heat instead of cold. One night dropped down to about 45 degrees unexpectedly, and it became unbearable. Luckily, I brought some mylar blankets with me. It was my first time using one, and I was so impressed! I stayed warm all night in this thin piece of mylar, and my friends were surprised to see me cuddled up in some foil blanket. 

This is one item you need in a bug-out bag.