Freeze dried food is a great way to preserve meals and prepare for the unknown.

By making your own freeze-dried food, you may save some serious money. In addition to saving money, you will know what is in the food. This is my favorite way because I can season the food to my taste and not worry about the surprise of the day.


One of the biggest benefits of freeze-dried food is its shelf life. (up to 25 years)  All methods of food perseveration have their pros and cons, but freeze drying is particularly effective in creating food that retains its nutrition for the long term. Whether you’re looking for preserved ingredients to add to your product or you’re stocking up on emergency supplies, shelf life is something to consider.

Somethings to consider about owning a freeze dryer

It’s crazy how many things can be preserved with a freeze dryer. From main meals to fruits, vegetables to candy. Most importantly, preserving the nutrients and secondly having it taste right.

My son had freeze-dried a couple of cans of chili as an experiment. He brought them with us on an ice fishing trip where it was 4 degrees that day. Of course, he didn’t tell me until my eyelids were almost frozen open. He heated up some water on a propane heater and WOW! It was delicious, I was hooked. The fishing was bad, but I was hooked on the idea of freeze-drying food.

Now, whenever I cook a big meal, like a brisket or lasagna. Something when leftovers are inevitable. You know I’m thinking “this is going to be delicious in a few years” I haven’t tried it yet, but I got a smoker recently. So I’m planning on going fishing, smoking some trout and you guessed it. Freeze-dried smoked trout. I’ll let you know how it turns out.