I don’t know about you, but I generally don’t like regular flashlights. I really prefer tactical equipment now that I own a tactical flashlight. If you have been to an Army Surplus Store, then you have probably seen so many flashlights locked behind a counter in a glass display. It depends on where you go, but I always chuckle when I see flashlights locked away. Why are these flashlights locked away anyway?

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Well the obvious answer is cost, and you are definitely right about that! What makes these flashlights so special anyway? You can go get one from the dollar store or your local superstore for cheap! Let me ask you a question, have you ever dropped a flashlight in a puddle? How about run it over with your vehicle? There’s a good chance it died, and if you have been camping you probably know there are plenty of opportunities to break your flashlight on your way to the restroom. If you like to use the restroom in the dark, more power to you!

A tactical flashlight is designed to be tough! They come with features that regular flashlights lack, like SOS strobe and enhanced user adjustable optics plus a waterproof aluminum enclosure. Can it take a beating? You know it! Can you drop it into some water and not worry about it? You bet. One feature I wished for a long time is the ability to turn a tactical flashlight into a lantern. Can you guess why? I hate putting my flashlight on a flat surface to only have light pointing in one direction when I really needed to see more around me.