When Natural Disasters strike


We don’t always know what natural disasters to prepare for and many disasters only happen in certain areas, so you can take a few off the list depending on your location.

I think that asteroids, and space weather can pose the biggest impact to the largest amount of people. None of us have seen a major event like the dinosaurs, But I can imagine it wasn’t a good day. Depending on the size of the asteroid, when can prepare for Chaos. At the very least, supply chains would be disrupted somewhere. Recently we have a ship (the Ever given) block the Suez canal. That small event caused a lot of problems. Even a small asteroid hitting a major supply route like the Suez canal would cause serious problems.

More likely Disasters

Many of these Disasters do not happen in certain areas. But, as I look at this list only 2 of then can be taken off my list of things to prepare for and I live 1000 miles off the coast. So, in conclusion, Chaos is what we try to avoid by being prepared.