Financial security is the one prepping item that I overlooked.

When covid 19 came, I had not prepared financially for the loss of income from my regular job. Suddenly, I found myself unsure of my future.

I started looking for information online that would help supplement my income in case of an emergency. This information is not hard to find, but it can be so overwhelming. So many videos, articles, blogs, books, and unfortunately a lot of scams.

Making good decisions leads to financial security. If you have a passive income source or a side hustle to fall back on, that’s great! If you don’t, this section is for you.

The author of Rich dad Poor dad, Robert Kiyosaki has a YouTube channel. I started watching his videos. At first, I thought he was a whack job! But the more I listened, the more it made sense. Then I listened to other self-made rich people and there was one common theme. Rich people don’t work for money, money works for them.


Farmland is becoming a good investment. Bill Gates is buying up farmland like crazy because he knows it. So, follow the money and grow some food. Even if you can’t afford to buy land. we discuss several options on this site. Food security

In the pages to follow we will provide more financial information such as passive income ideas, side hustles, and investment opportunities.