Get Started With Mushrooms FAST!

If you’ve been looking into growing mushrooms, you should check out these awesome products available on Amazon to get started! Not only do you get to grow mushrooms right away, but you also get to learn a lot about how simple agriculture mushrooms can be. I was surprised how quickly my first mushroom grew and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. 

All products below are made using modern mushroom farming techniques.

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What about using real logs?

You could be waiting over a year before getting your first mushroom inoculating your own natural wood log. Not only is this time consuming, but efficiencies for natural log mushroom agriculture is much lower than using sawdust logs or bags by as much as 66% less mushrooms compared to modern mushroom agriculture techniques. 

If you want to try out different fresh grown mushrooms faster, you should at least give one of these kits a try. At least you can get experience growing mushrooms at home before trying to inoculate a log from your backyard. There’s no saying what next year will look like, and you may decide you don’t want to grow mushrooms after many months of anticipation.

What do I need to do to grow mushrooms?

These kits come with instructions on how to start your mushroom kit. In general, you need to “Shock” your mushroom kit to start the fruiting process. You need to keep your mushroom log’s grow area at a certain humidity and temperature to encourage good growth. This depends on the type of mushrooms you are growing. For example, shiitake mushrooms grow in temperatures 45°F to 75°F at 75% to 85% humidity. For dry climates, it is expected that a humidity tent and frequent spraying of the log are necessary. Follow the instructions provided with the kit, and you should be able to enjoy a few good servings of mushrooms. Enjoy!

Want to learn how to make your own mushroom logs and bags like these?

You may want to buy this mushroom growing guide!

This guide contains step-by-step video instructions so all the guesswork is left behind, and you’ll be learning how growing your own mushrooms is as simple as following the exact techniques you’ll see on each video. Master these techniques and you won’t have to rely on anyone but yourself!