Welcome to Ask Grandpa Dave!

As a Grandpa, have done and seen a lot of things in my lifetime. They say with age comes wisdom, but it all really comes down to experience. Sometimes in life, we make mistakes. We make bad decisions. When we have enough experience to think before we act, we become wise. Within the pages and Blog-post of this website, I offer my opinion and experience on a variety of subjects and products.

When I was young there was no internet. There was no way to research products or services, so it was buyer beware. Fortunately, we can research before we buy. The tables have turned and now it’s seller beware. We the consumer will blow the whistle on bad products as well as bad service. As an old man, I will tell you straight up. I promise to be fair in all of my reviews.

Being a homeowner for 30-plus years has provided endless projects over the years. I have learned that having the right tools for the job is as important as knowing how to do the job. After decades of collecting tools, it seemed like a good idea to use them more. So I decided to flip a fixer-upper. I will share handyman and woodworking skills. I really got into woodworking to keep my mind busy. (One of my sons was deployed to Iraq at the beginning of the war.) A lot of sawdust was made!

Planning and Preparedness

One of the most challenging aspects of life is planning for retirement. For some people, money comes easy. But most of us need to plan, save and invest wisely. I have always tried to have an open mind to income opportunities. There have been some successes and failures in my life. I am happy to share my adventures as an entrepreneur.

In an uncertain world, being prepared for emergencies can save a life. As a Grandpa, father, and husband I have a responsibility to protect my family. I will share my thoughts and experience prepping for disasters.

I would rather be Fishing 

It goes without saying to anyone who knows me. I would rather be fishing! Of course, I am happy to share my fishing experiences with you. )I have made some Fishing videos as well as DIY and prepping. Feel free to check out my channel anytime.