Fishing knots are highly debated as to which ones are the best.

In my opinion, fishing knots are a tool. When I choose a tool, I choose the best one for the job. However, I have learned to keep an open mind about tools. I don’t know what I don’t know. So, with that said I look for the path of least resistance to achieve my goal. If it only takes a few minutes to learn a better fishing knot that could catch that trophy fish, well I’m going to take some time to learn it. 

I have been tying a lot of knots lately for my YouTube channel. Some of these knots I have used for decades and some I have just learned. Most importantly I have discovered new ways to catch more fish in the process.

It has been fun researching fishing knots.

Many of the video’s I have found cover how to tie a knot. However, very few tell you why. For example in many cases it’s obvious as to what the purpose of the knot is. But, the polymer knot can be used for an in line dropper fly. Although most videos don’t mention that fact. The Uni knot is basically a slip knot that can be used in so many ways. 

Many of the fishing knots can be used outside of just fishing. For example, tying down a load on a truck or car. Knots used at a campsite or tying down loose objects before a big thunderstorm. In conclusion, many of the useful knots we use in everyday life started with an idea to catch more fish.

Here are a few Video’s I made on my YouTube channel. You will find about 30 Fishing video’s there. Please subscribe, and like the video’s you find interesting. If you are new to fishing please check out my page “learning to fish

brown trout

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