Food security is essential to our well-being and survival.

When COVID 19 hit, we were taken by surprise with stay-at-home orders and the majority have not planned for food security. Chaotic shoppers flooded the stores and as a result, shelves were emptied. In my local supermarket, it was shockingly hard to get a lot of items. Fortunately, I had food supplies at home, I was hoping to find just a few things I wanted for a long bug-in.

Hopefully, we will never see empty shelves at the grocery store again, but it is possible. So, we prepare for what could happen. In the following pages we will discuss the options. Food security doesn’t mean just buying more stuff at the store, you need to plan for the long term. We just need to stockpile the right foods that have a long shelf life. Foods that are healthy and rich in proper nutrition.

A well stocked pantry




Raising chickens

Buying in bulk and cutting you own meat

Freeze dried foods / freeze drying foods

Greenhouses / maximizing space.

Vacuum sealers / keeping food fresher, longer

Food storage, for example dry storage and freezer space.

Prepping does not need to be chaotic and should be considered a way of life. By gardening, you will save money, as well as have healthier produce. Not to mention, what kinds of preservatives, or pesticides were used by the farmers and grocers. All of the items in the list above will save money in the long term, Consequently freeing up money for financial security which I believe is one of the most important preps on the list. By planning your financial future, even if there are no dark days of CHAOS. You will end up rewarding yourself with a comfortable retirement.