Mr. Heater Buddy portable propane Heaters

Mr. heater buddy has many practical uses. It will heat a room, a tent or your hands on a cold winter day. There are other hacks, like using it to cook in a pinch. I would not choose to use it over a propane stove or grill, but it is possible to cook a meal in a pinch. I have even brewed a pot of coffee on it.

First introduced to a portable heater buddy while ice fishing with some friends. It was 4 degrees with a slight breeze outside on the frozen lake. Inside the ice fishing tent it was warm enough to take my jacket and gloves off. I was surprised! My son had brought some freeze fried chili from home. He boiled a cup of water on the heater buddy and offered me a hot cup of chili. It was delicious! 

I was skeptical about the claim of an indoor safe propane heater. So I bought a carbon monoxide detector and mounted it above my workbench. To my surprise it hasn’t gone off once. I have run the heater fun hundreds of hours while keeping warm in my garage. 

Setting up Mr. Heater buddy

The heater is compatible with a 1 pound propane cylinder. Great for ice fishing, camping or any situation where you need it to be portable. But, if you don’t need it to be portable, you can hook it up to a 15 pound tank using a 5 or 6 foot hose. It you choose to do this, as I have, get a filter to protect the unit from sediment that could damage the heater. 

I have done a few video’s about Heater buddy portable heaters. I will provide the links below. If you decide that Mr. Heater buddy is right for you, please order through my Amazon affiliate links. Note I do receive a small commission. Thank you for your support!

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